Ignorance is NOT bliss


I posted this on my Facebook page, but, as is to be expected, the post is  being super filtered and compressed, so I will post it here for a good double dose of exposure. Typically, I am a pretty laid back guy, but for whatever reason, I have felt the urge to be very vocal about what I am doing. I’m tired of being quiet while I watch the people around me suffer from these “mysterious” ailments.

Here is what I said in the post:

So what? It’s a sharps container. Who cares? Let me tell you why I find this container significant: This is not in a hospital. Ok… So, why is that a big deal? In a hospital, sharps containers are everywhere. It is expected. This was found in a public restroom. What would make something like this necessary? The all too common occurrence of insulin dependent diabetes…. The fact that it has become so common that sharps containers are appearing in public restrooms so people can dose themselves with insulin when they eat.

I’m not judging. I’m not coming down on you if you need insulin, but I am coming down on the doctors that believe this is the only option! Most people don’t know that the reason they are taking insulin is not because they aren’t making enough, but rather because they are resistant! So, in a sense, yes; the body can’t produce enough to overtake the resistance, so big Pharma just adds more insulin… Problem solved, right? No… This exacerbates the resistance.

There is no cure. That is my belief. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try! Giving a patient insulin and saying “carry on, go get a donut,” is not the answer. And I say that because that is what I see. Those are my observations.

What we are doing here is showing a better way to fuel your body. A scientific approach. A biological and safe way to eat that may one day be credited with the remission of thousands of insulin resistant patients around the world.

The whole community wants to be quick to judge and blame obesity and over consumption of calories and sugar… Sugar is bad, don’t get me wrong, but we are looking at this incorrectly. What if the over consumption and obesity are a symptom of a greater problem? What if we are blaming the victims of a disease that we are failing to address and treat? What if we have been wrong all along?

Have you ever known a fit and athletic person to suddenly be diagnosed with diabetes? I have…. Have you ever known a severely obese person to not be diabetic? I have… And that leads me to believe that fighting obesity is the wrong focus. This epidemic continues to grow because we are refusing to see what is happening right in front of us…

The few of you that are here know that the nutritional philosophy we share here may be the answer. Not for everyone, because such a statement would be foolish, but for a great many of you and the people you know; this may be the way we need to start thinking.

I look back on my life and I was healthy! I was fit! I was athletic! I had endless endurance! Then something changed. As I really reflect, the single thing that changed the most was the food I ate and the way I ate it. It took getting to this point to realize that I had to change. I came to realize that the condition I was in was actually worse and more difficult than the extreme effort it was going to take to reverse it.

That is when I started to wonder how many of us where like that? We know we are not taking care of ourselves, we know we are unhealthy, yet we allow the decline because it is just easier. Then, one day, we realize we are in a serious pit of despair. Overweight, sick, tired, depressed, alone… in the dark. So we eat more because that addiction never let us down…. It only killed us a little.

There were some guidelines, albeit, mostly incorrect guidelines, but I didn’t even follow those. But, what is more amazing as I think about this is that there was no real enforcement of them. They were merely suggestions. Our society takes a strong stance on narcotic drugs. We regulate them. We criminalize others. We all know they are bad and we launch a “War on Drugs…” Sugar and refined carbohydrates are no different. We just haven’t had that epiphany yet. Or maybe we have, but it just makes too much money for the powers that be.

I’m more and more convinced this isn’t completely our fault. Not totally our bad choices. In part, yes, but not totally.  They let the lie continue. They let us poison ourselves and said nothing about it. Just siphoned us down the pharmaceutical companies sales funnels.

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