I’m eating Keto, but I am not in Ketosis!

I wish I never had to hear this from folks, but, the truth is, it is common. It seems we all want a plan and method or, something simple, and just have it work without any question. Here’s the problem with that; nothing in life works that way. ESPECIALLY when we are talking about health, fitness and nutrition. The body is a very specific and very finely tuned machine… Even when we have abused it for decades.

I understand the desire for a cookie cutter approach, but, if it were that simple, there would not be a such a huge gap between the healthy and the unhealthy. And there would certainly be no instances of people failing when it came to getting their health back in check.

It was not designed to work against you… And believe me, I have heard that…

Let me pause… This is totally a rant. Not planned, and not well thought out. I am typing a million words a minute, so there are going to be missteps and grammar issues.

Ok… So, we look around us and we see a diverse make up of people. Fat and skinny, fit and unfit, diseased and unaffected. I believe these are all very relevant and separate groups.  Skinny people are not always healthy, and disease can mask itself pretty damn well… I also know some fit people that are fat. Sounds kind of dumb to put those words together, but, that is something I can explain another day.

Bottom line? People simply do not understand what it is we are trying to do here when we go keto. It is not just some simple process where you cut carbs and magic happens. I wish it was, but it just isn’t. This is science and science requires specificity.

Even more specifically, this is chemistry. The body is a huge chemical factory. No one likes to hear that, but it is true. We have been so brainwashed in to believing that chemicals are bad that we have forgotten that the very essence of life is indeed chemistry. But, to stay on topic, we are talking nutritional bio-chemistry. Food is our fuel. Plain and simple. We can manipulate certain aspects of it, but in the end, the body is going to do what it is accustomed to doing. Since we have all abused ourselves in different ways, that means our bodies are going to behave differently in different environments.

For example, I have a friend that can stay in ketosis at 125g of carbs per day. Me? If I go over 20g in a day, I am out. If I EVER consumed 125g, I would need a dose of glimeperide. I am insulin resistant. Science and chemistry are very specific. This friend of mine is EXCEPTIONALLY healthy. I also want to point out that the threshold was an experiment. Normally, this individual stays under 50g per day because any more than that is unnecessary.

Recently, I made a video talking about sugar. The very specific nature of sugar on our metabolic chemistry. In short, sugar is toxic. At 25g, it is toxic. Less than 5 teaspoons of sugar, if I am correct. The body has to store it and it releases so much insulin to deal with it, that the entire insulin system starts to experience unnecessary wear and tear. Kind of like over driving a car in the redline. It’s just not good for a prolonged period of time. However, we all seem to do it… All day, every day, week after week and year after year.

So, with that being said, it is leading me and several other people to the conclusion that macros are a bad idea. For other diets, maybe they are fine, but when we are talking about a therapeutic ketogenic diet for metabolic intervention, it HAS to be specific! That is why I believe the cookie cutter approach of plugging macros into some app is a bad idea.

That leads me to BMR as well. We get stuck on these numbers and we fail to listen to our bodies. We hear about the results of others, and we do what they do and expect the same result. When it doesn’t happen, we claim it does not work! Stop comparing yourself to others and learn to listen to your body.

Remember the post about eating because it is time to eat? Stop it… Just stop.

Centuries ago, we only really ate once a day anyway. This multiple meal convention was brought on by food commerce. This multiple meal convention has contributed to our epidemic. How many times have you thought you were hungry, only to sit down and discover that you weren’t? How many times have you eaten that meal anyway…

Look, this is not easy. It never is. Undoing YEARS of abuse will take time. Breaking the VERY REAL addiction will take moxy and fortitude. You will fail from time to time, but never lose hope.

Here’s the deal… If you are eating keto and you are not in ketosis, I PROMISE you that you are not eating keto. If you are in ketosis and you are not losing weight, there is something else going on that needs to be discovered. If you are insulin resistant, well, that is a whole different ball game altogether!

Keto can be simple… No sugar, no starch, no grain. No processed meats. But, when you are insulin sensitive like most of our society, it is not as simple as cutting carbs.

When someone tells you to go keto and gives you an easy pitch, refer them here so we can educate them properly. When you fall under the belief that this is as simple as cutting carbs, come back here and let us help you. Remember, this is chemistry and the body is very specific when it comes to that. This is not cutting calories or a macro-nutrient. This is altering your body’s biochemistry.


Ok, I just posted this an hour ago or so, and someone pointed out that I provided no answer. They were absolutely right. It was embedded, but, since I was in full blown rant mode, it was only clear to me! So, what is the answer? The answer is specificity. The answer is something unique to you.

Great… That doesn’t help either, right? That’s why there is no one approach to this. BUT, I love you all and this is how I can help. Or, at least, how I WANT to help:

-You will need to contact me and we will have to get to know one another.

-You will need to be honest with me so I can provide the help you require.

-I will ask you to construct an honest diary of food and activity.

-I will nit pick you until we get it right.

-We will likely not always get along.

-I will ask you to give up things you love until we figure out how your body responds to certain foods.

-We will be victorious.

Seriously. Contact me and let me help. That is the whole reason I do this. I fight this battle EVERY. SINGLE. DAY… It is much easier with friends.

5 thoughts on “I’m eating Keto, but I am not in Ketosis!

  1. I am also insulin resistant. I still haven’t been able to biohack my body. I’ve been trying. Been “keto” since March. Any tips? Help?


    1. Absolutely Alexis. I would love to try and help you trouble shoot this. It can be tricky and sometimes it can take some time. So, in the interest of privacy, send me an email to lazyketokitchen@gmail.com and we can start a conversation. Tell me about your diet. What a typical day looks like and the struggles you feel you have. Look forward to hearing from you.


      1. Email sent! 🙂 And I saw your update just now regarding your “rant” haha .. again thank you for getting back to me! I cannot wait to get to know you and be victorious together!! Very good article!


  2. If your offer is still open it would like to talk. I’m not sure if I’m insulin resistant but I was diagnosed as borderline diabetic. Can we talk?


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