Fat Bomb Keto Burgers

I absolutely LOVE a good burger. Actually, I just love the excuse to cook on the grill. I don’t know why, but ever since I adopted a Keto LCHF Diet approach, I find myself wanting to use the grill every single day. Before, I didn’t even like messing with it. I would rather stay in my air conditioned house and cook in a normal kitchen. But, since they call this a primal diet or even in some cases, paleo or paleolithic diet, I guess my inner primal being is emerging. Who knows!

Well, this continues on with the same struggle of people always coming over or even having people in the house who want nothing to do with the way we eat. I had family over and I needed to find a way to make them eat what I wanted to eat. I found, what I believe to be a rather happy solution for all involved. Also, if you make these big enough, no one will be tempted to try and put it in a bun!

I have seen this done over and over on the internet, but, none of the fillings were really on target with what we are trying to do here, so I modified it and made it a little less busy. Sometimes, when people are creating things to post on the internet, they tend to forget the beauty of simplicity. I want all my flavors to some out. Some of the versions of this I saw had so much going on that there was no way to really enjoy the star of the show, which is indeed, the burger.

So, without any further delay, here are the ingredients as I used in this particular attempt:

(Remember, we aren’t building rocket ships here; we’re just cooking dinner.)

The Ingredients:

(Burger Patties)

2.5 pounds of organic ground beef, 80/20 preferably. (Use what you want. We just like nice beef.)

12oz pack of Bacon, uncured

2c parmesan

2tbs parsley

2 tbs basil

2 tbs Aldi brand Amazing Burger seasoning, or what ever you would like

2 eggs


2 large portabella mushroom caps

1 pack of cream cheese, full fat

1 stick butter

1 onion, large, diced

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 bag of shredded cheddar

The process:

Mix all the meat ingredients in a large bowl. Make sure it is all well incorporated, but do not over work the meat. If you don’t want to put the green herbs in, that is fine. It is just a preference thing for me. I was raised by Italians and I have grown to like my burgers tasting like giant meatballs. Once this step is done, place the bowl in the refrigerator to cool down and come together. You will need it a little stiff for the next part.

In a large skillet, cook down your onions in some olive oil until they become translucent. This means cook them slowly. You don’t want to put any color on these onions. It will make them too prominent if you do. Now, while those onions are cooking, chop up your mushroom and place it in the pan. Mix it up a but, add salt and pepper and then drop in the stick of butter. Once it is melted and happy, add your package of cream cheese and lower the heat. Let the cheese melt and get nice and happy as well.


The meat should be cool enough by this point, so, pull it out and line a cookie sheet with some parchment paper to make transport to the grill easier. Roll out a big meat ball about 6-8 oz in size. Probably about the size between a baseball and softball. A good handful. Get a cold aluminum can and smash that ball right in the middle and form the meat up around the can. Fix any tears or imperfections and try to make them as even as possible to aid in cooking consistency.


Now, once formed, wrap each patty with one slice of bacon. It should just stick together.


Now, take your filling and fill each patty up.


Top with shredded cheese.


Now for the tricky part. I don’t know your grill, but, this is what I did. I have four burners. I turned on the two outside burners and let the grill heat up as much as it would. I placed all six burgers in the center and let them cook indirectly. I moved them around from time to time to try and make the bacon crispy, but, in the end, that didn’t happen. Cook them until they seem firm, and then let them rest.


I was a little intimidated by this at first because of how thick they were, but they cooked rather easily. Pair it with a nice green veggie or even a salad and enjoy!

Please like and share this post! Everyone should try these.

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