Broccoli Cheese Fritters

I really love the way I feel being on a ketogenic (or keto, for short) diet. But, there are some things that I am beginning to miss or have always missed since converting to this lifestyle. Those of you that are on a keto diet, or paleo or any other variations of low carb high fat, probably understand where I am coming from! There are just certain things that you feel you have got to have. I believe that there is a good chance that a lot of that stems from food addictions or chemical addictions within our bodies, and over time, we can defeat that, but, that can take months or years before that finally happens.

I hear story after story of people failing during this conversion period because they simply gave in to the addiction. Believe me, I understand. I have my own fair share of failings in this regard. So, in the meantime, while waiting for this “switch” to happen, we need to use what we have at our disposal to innovate, create and formulate alternatives to slowly walk away from these addictive responses. We have cooking methods, ingredient alternatives, cooking styles and cultures that we can pull from to make the impossible, possible. There is no reason to ever get bored on this diet.

This war is won in the kitchen. No place else. I do this for therapeutic reasons. Some do it for weight loss. Whatever camp you are in, each daily battle begins and ends in the kitchen.

Let me bring up another point, and then we will get to the recipe I promised… Not everyone will be on board with you. Especially with limited knowledge in the kitchen. My family sure wasn’t on board. Still aren’t! And that is fine. But, with good recipes and a little skill, you can make everyone a believer!

So, since ANY diet can become boring, we need to continue to experiment in the kitchen! But, let’s be honest for a second. Even the Standard American Diet is boring if you were to really look at it. There is no variety. It is really the same things over and over. So why does no one complain about eating a cheeseburger and fries everyday? Because it is loaded with sugar and possibly man made fats. Things the body becomes voraciously addicted to. Feed the craving and you never get bored. Until those addiction receptors can be put to rest, we need to fight.

This recipe is a nice comfort food. To me anyway. I love broccoli. I love broccoli just the way it is. I love it raw. I love it with cheese. I love it with butter. I love it with salt and pepper. However, my family, and MANY others out there do not share my passion for this strange looking vegetable. Since we talk about adaptation a lot, this really fits that theme. Taking something common and making something new.

Fritters are a great comfort for people. Usually made with potatoes, they satisfy the savory, crunchy and often cheesy cravings we have. I just replaced the potato with broccoli and the breadcrumbs with Parmesan cheese. It helps you eat those veggies and my daughter thought it was really good! So, here it is!

The Ingredients:

(I measured nothing)

-Bag of broccoli (boiled or steamed)

-Salt and Pepper

-Parmesan cheese

-Cheddar cheese

-Garlic (minced or granulated)

-Any other seasoning you may like

-Eggs, whole

The Process:

Like I said, I measured nothing. A habit I need to get out of, but this is really so simple it is not necessary. So, boil or steam your broccoli and the chop it up nice and fine.


Put in a mixing bowl and add about a cup or so of Parmesan. This acts as a filler like breadcrumbs would. It also melts and gets crispy and holds it all together!


Add salt and pepper and spices and garlic to taste. Not everyone likes as much garlic as I do, so, this is a personal thing.

Add your cheddar and start to incorporate all the ingredients.

Add the eggs. I started with two and ended up using three. This is kind of like the glue. Not too wet, not too dry. It should hold together in a ball when you mix it up.

Heat up your pan with some olive oil. Once it is hot, plop a small ball of green mush in the oil and flatten it with your spatula. Let it get happy in the oil. Nice and brown and holding together. Once it is there, flip it AWAY from you and cook the other side. I emphasize AWAY because I did not do that and burned the crap out of myself when super hot oil came splashing out of the pan and onto my shirt.


As they finish, put them on a rack or on a paper towel lined plate. Serve them hot and share this recipe! Happy eating!



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