Wicked Quick Pork Roast

I love my crock pot. It makes my life so much easier. But, what do you do when you forget to put your pork roast in the crock pot??
Never fear! The lazy Keto kitchen chef is here to save the day with this quick and easy solution. 
Start with getting your pork roast out and your iron skillet. If you don’t have an iron skillet, get one! It makes life easier when you need to do high temp cooking like this! 

Your roast needs to be close to room temperature. It helps keep the meat from freaking out when you put it in the pan, so set it on the counter and preheat your oven to 500°.

Resist the urge to season the roast. The method we are going to use will cause every seasoning or herb you put on it to burn and absolutely ruin your roast. Let the natural flavors of the meat and fat shine. We will season it later. If you are a super Keto dieter, you can salt your pork now. All others, just salt to taste. I chose to salt mine. 

Once the oven is preheated, heat up you iron skillet. Heat it to the point of smoking. This would be a good time to turn on your exhaust vent. The fat in the meat will be what keeps the meat from sticking in the end. Unless you want to use coconut oil in the pan, no oil will be able to stand up to this heat without burning and making an absolute mess… Just trust the process. 

But seriously, let the pan heat up. DO NOT shortcut this step. 

Sear the meat on all sides… Even the edges. 3 to 4 minutes on each side depending on how hot you let your pan get. 

When it is seared, cover your skillet with foil. Be smart and use heat gloves. The skillet is beyond hot. Once covered, place in the oven.

Let the magic happen. Do not open the oven. You can’t see it anyway because it is covered. 10 minutes per pound is a good number to start at, but, we’re really cookin here, so times may vary. I am going for 15 minutes and then I will check the texture. If it is slightly firm, like the muscle by your thumb, I will then reduce the heat to 325° and cook for another 15 minutes.

This last phase is where you want to season your roast. I am using a generous amount of minced garlic, and my favorite meat seasoning that I get from Aldi. It’s called chargrill & broil spices and herbs. I will also add some butter at the very end. 

When you take the meat out to season it, go ahead and flip it over. Make sure you keep the oven closed to retain the heat. 

Cover it with garlic and try not to let any get in the skillet. If it does, scoop it up. Then I add the seasoning. Yes, it is all on one side. It will mix in well when I shred the pork and finish it in butter…

Yes. Butter. Because this is Keto. 
Anyway… When the timer goes off, take it out, cover it again and let it rest. While it is resting, it is coming up to temperature. It is also pulling all the juices back in. That is what makes it delicious. Let it rest! 

In the meantime, cook your veggies. We are Keto, so cook up some green beans or broccoli. Or some spinach! 

After about 15 minutes of rest, either shred it chop your roast. Put back in high heat and finish with some nice, organic butter. 

All told, this took an hour to make. From in the door coming home from work to putting it on the table. The bigger the roast, the longer it will take, but hey… Roast in an hour! 

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