I’m not hungry, but I know I should eat something…

You ever hear that one? You ever say it? It drives me crazy…

Your body is an amazing miracle. It makes energy. It makes its own fuel. It makes tissue. It grows. It heals. It generates electricity and heat. It can even create new life… 

Yet, you won’t listen to it. 

Here’s the thing… It will tell you when you are hungry. Centuries ago, we only ate when food was available. Once a day was not always the norm. 

Somewhere along the line, as modern society began to emerge, someone derived social times or social conventions of when we should and should not eat. Recently, some health authorities likened us to livestock and said we were grazers…. 

No. We were opportunistic feeders. When there was no food, we went into ketosis. We burned fat for fuel. Created glucose as needed. Survived in a heightened state of awareness. 

Bottom line; you don’t need to eat because social norms say you need to eat. Eat when your hungry and learn the difference between hunger and symptoms of withdrawal. Most of us are addicted to eating, so most of us experience withdrawal when we don’t have something in our mouths. 

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