Busy Life, Keto Strife

What do you do when you are “hungry” and in an unsafe food environment?! 

This really is just a random observation. First of all, those of you that don’t know me, I work a bear of a job. 80 hour weeks are normal and my eating schedule can be really jacked up. I mean, that is a big part of the reason that I am here!

This job has led to some seriously bad eating habits and contributed to years of poor decisions. Granted, I could always be more prepared, but I was better at making excuses than anything else.
I am currently sitting in a hotel in downtown Oklahoma City waiting to pick up some equipment used in a meeting. I have spent the last several years using downtown as a a snack stop. There is just so much to choose from! But that’s the problem…. It was a habit.

As I get more serious about my health and staying true to this journey, I find myself facing a lot of these bad habits. Today, despite the fact that I say this all the time to clients, I realized that this was not only a habit, but a very real addiction. I was not even hungry, yet I found myself talking myself off the ledge as I drove past all the various spots I would stop at for a “snack!” 

It’s almost 5pm! Dinner would be happening soon, but that never stopped me. Today, I realized that I was not even hungry. It was a completely mental situation.

This lifestyle, this LCHF lifestyle does wonders for appetite suppression and craving control, but it does not stop habit or addiction. That takes proactive action from you. You have to realize that you are not hungry and just responding to habit sometimes. 

That is where a lot of the weight loss success comes from. Simply cutting your carbs does not guarantee that you will loose weight. Fueling your body right and healing from the inside first will make you loose the extra pounds…

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